Bruna Barbosa

Software Engineer

About Me

I am a software engineer who recently completed a 12 week immersive course at General Assembly. After working in retail for over five years I have decided to make a career change and found a new passion in web development.

I pride myself on being supportive of my co-workers and managers. I also take great care to learn everything I can about the businesses I work for.


Find my Pet

Find my Pet was created to fulfil the need for a user friendly website, where you can search shelters for pets to adopt based on the user’s location

Tech Stack: Created with React.js and Ruby on Rails. Deployed to GitHub Pages and Heroku.


Krave was a group project. Created to display, share and search for restaurant menus with dietary information. Users can search for cuisine or specific restaurant as well as their menu items.

Tech Stack: This app was created with React.js and Ruby on Rails. It was deployed to GitHub Pages and Heroku.

What Workout

What Workout is an app to motivate users to become healthier by creating a personalised workout plan where they can choose the exercises for that plan.

Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, deployed to Heroku.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a simple 3×3 game where the first player to match 3 in a row wins. You can restart the game without loosing your score.

Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery.

Some of my Skills